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June 2012

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Graduate in International and European Law, specialized in Humanitarian Law, Lionel Grassy began as a trainee in the Legal Department of the International Committee of the Red Cross for Eastern and Central Europe in Budapest in Hungary.

Lionel then worked for PRisonniers Sans Frontières (Prisoners Without Borders) as a National Coordinator for a project in 16 prisons in Niger in 2005. This project aimed at improving the conditions of detention. Lionel followed a Master degree in History, Theory and Practice of Human Rights at the University Pierre Mendès France of Grenoble, in France.

In 2007, he became a consultant on the judicial and prison systems in Togo, Benin and Niger for Mr Zoummeroff, author of the book "la prison ça n’arrive pas qu’aux autres". He then became a representative in the Department of Solidarity and International Mediation of the Ecole de la paix de Grenoble in charge of the education for peace and living together in post conflict countries.

Feeling the call from Africa, Lionel went back to the field as a regional coordinator in Western Africa, to follow the P3-7 project of PRisonniers Sans Frontières, which aims at strengthening the capacities of civil society with persons deprived of liberty, in three areas: access to the legal system, to food and health in detention in 25 prisons in 7 countries.

Back in France, Lionel joined FIACAT in May 2012, as a FIACAT Permanent representative to the United Nations in Geneva.

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