Trained in public law and international human rights law at the University of Kinshasa (Ex Louvanium) and at the Catholic University of East Africa in Nairobi, Kenya (Hekima College), Maître Michel Kalemba Ngalamulume’s commitment to victims of torture came to the fore about 15 years ago.

First, as President of the legal assistance programme for victims of torture within ACAT DRC, then as Secretary-General of the association.

He joined the International Bureau of FIACAT in 2016, bringing his expertise to the International Bureau of FIACAT and the ACATs of Central Africa and Madagascar. In order to remain in touch with the realities facing victims of torture and human rights violations, he coordinates the pool of lawyers advising the joint FIACAT and ACAT DRC project "Preventing torture in detention centres by combating abusive pre-trial detention (APD)”, implemented at the Makala Central Prison in Kinshasa (DRC) since November 2015.

He is head of the law – criminology section and lecturer at the Pan-African Higher Institute for Management (PAHIM).

In June 2020, Michel Kalemba was elected member of the International Bureau of FIACAT for a second four-year term.