FIACAT and ACAT RDC’s oral statement

Item 10 – Enhanced Interactive Dialogue on the Democratic Republic of Congo

51st session of the Human Rights Council

4 octobre 2022


Thank you Mr. President, 

FIACAT and ACAT DRC thank the team of independent experts and the High Commissioner for their reports on the human rights situation in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

They would like to use the opportunity of this dialogue to share with you their concerns about the actions of the National Intelligence Agency, or ANR.

Indeed, even though the Congolese President had promised during his election campaign to close all ANR cells throughout the country, they still exist.

The ANR's cells are often in unsanitary conditions and the people held there do not receive any food. Political figures, human rights defenders, journalists and others are often arbitrarily detained beyond the legal time limit of 48 hours provided by the Code of Criminal Procedure.

For example, Wilson Daniel Antony and Rochendel Juan, Dutch citizens arrested on 13 March 2022 by ANR agents at N'DJILI international airport for possession of drugs, have been detained since then in the agency's premises located not far from the Prime Minister's office, without access to their counsel or family visits, even though they are accused of a common law offence, unrelated to state security for which the ANR is competent.

FIACAT and ACAT DRC therefore call on the Congolese authorities to redouble their efforts to develop a strict legal framework for the ANR's action in accordance with international and regional norms and standards and to ensure that it is respected in practice. They also call on the authorities to investigate impartially and thoroughly all human rights violations committed by this agency in order to combat impunity.

Thank you.