29 June 2022 - The International Council of FIACAT was held from 13 to 24 June 2022. The ACATs were able to learn about the results of the strategic work carried out for almost a year with two consultants on the future of the federation. This process of consultation, reflection, and support, which was carried out internally by the International Bureau and the International Secretariat of FIACAT, aimed to prepare the conditions for strengthening the network as a whole in order to adapt to the new international challenges and context of the next decade. The strengthening of the network, the identity shared by its members, questions related to the geographical and thematic mandates of FIACAT and points related to financial aspects were discussed at length in the final report to be delivered in May 2022.

In accordance with the procedures for holding an International Council, various points were submitted to the vote of the affiliated ACATs, who adopted FIACAT's 2022 action plan. This plan has three main lines of action: the fight against torture and cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment and the contribution to the abolition of the death penalty; the strengthening of the capacities of the ACATs and cooperation between them; the perpetuation of FIACAT's action.

Finally, FIACAT is pleased to announce the affiliation of ACAT Ghana, which was also approved by a vote during the International Council. Created in 2002, this ACAT reinforces the ranks of the federation which can now count on 28 affiliated ACATs to fight against torture and the death penalty in the world.

Our sincere congratulations on her election, which is the result of her combativeness and determination during her long journey as an accompanied group. Beyond the warm welcome we owe him, let us show him, much more, our sense of solidarity in order to give impetus to our unwavering struggle for a world without torture, the death penalty and forced disappearance

FIACAT President Paul Angaman