Project date: 1/9/2014 – 15/07/15

Target prisons: Porto-Novo, Lokossa, Abomey-Calavi

On 1/9/2014, prison overcrowding was running at 203.71% in civil prisons in Benin. Prisoners in pre-trial detention accounted for an average of 65% of the prison population, and as much as 85% in some of the prisons covered. Porto-Novo, for example, had 867 inmates, 484 of them awaiting trial (55%), for a design capacity of 250. Lokossa housed 577 inmates, 393 of them awaiting trial (68%), for a capacity of 200.

47 persons received instruction on legal safeguards (officials of the judicial and prison administrations and members of civil society).

On 10 September 2015, 49 cases of abusive pre-trial detention were identified and 38 inmates awaiting trial were released provisionally or finally.

This project received support from the United Nations OPCAT Special Fund, the Federal Republic of Germany and Tavola-Valdese.