Intended for the legal professions, prison staff, prison workers (members of civil society organisations, social workers, religious leaders), and all citizens concerned about the rights of prisoners, this document describes the entire process of a detainee from the moment he is charged by the investigating judge until his release. This guide is an indispensable tool for anyone who is closely or remotely connected to the prison world, as it helps prisoners defend themselves against the inapplicability of the law.

Prison is an extremely complex environment where all the actors are interdependent. In close collaboration with social workers, prison and judicial staff, members of civil society equipped with the guide and a prisoner monitoring sheet will report cases of abusive detention to the competent authorities with a view to reducing prison overcrowding and thus improving conditions of detention.

Following the adoption of the new Code of Criminal Procedure, FIACAT, ACAT Côte d'Ivoire and their partners have undertaken to revise the guide drawn up in 2016 to incorporate the new provisions of positive Ivorian law.