The Committee against Torture hold its 58th session in Geneva from 25 July until 12 August 2016. During this session Burundi will be exceptionally reviewed by the experts of the Committee. On the occasion of the special review of Burundi, a Burundian coalition, including ACAT Burundi, with the support of international non -governmental organizations, among which FIACAT, have submitted a joint alternative report replying to the points raised by the Committee in its request (only in French) to Burundi for a special report.

The organizations that have contributed to the drafting of this report wish to draw the experts of the Committee against torture’s attention to a number of concerns. These concerns relate mainly to the increased use of torture, ill -treatment during arbitrary arrests and detention and a significant increase in extrajudicial killings, sexual violence and enforced disappearances.

The signatories also wish to underline the lack of investigations into these violations and the culture of impunity prevailing throughout the country.