Christophe is a member of ACAT Belgium, which is active in the promotion of human rights in many fields, both in Brussels and elsewhere in Belgium and abroad. Christophe is particularly interested in respect for the rule of law, issues relating to loss of freedom, asylum and migration policies and the dialogue between Christian traditions and Western society. He believes that Christianity is called to demonstrate a genuinely new openness to contemporary social, cultural and anthropological challenges, in particular and above all by bearing witness in a way which is compatible with the fundamental rights recognised in democratic societies.

Trained first in physical science (master's degree and agrégation), Christophe continued his education with theological studies: he holds a doctorate from the Catholic University of Louvain on ecclesial institutions and ministries. Christophe works as a public education inspector for classes in philosophy; he is a scientific associate of the “Religions, Spiritualities, Cultures, Societies” research institute of the CU Louvain and Director of the St John the Theologian Institute in Brussels. He is rector of a French-speaking Orthodox parish in Brussels and is married with two children. 

In June 2020, Christophe D'Aloisio was elected member of the International Bureau of FIACAT for a four-year term. He focuses primarily on the dialogue with the Churches, issues relating to advocacy, and the representation of FIACAT in regional and international organisations.

Change the world? It is possible provided we remain capable of changing ourselves! In a globalised society, Christians are able to contribute to the goal of a renewed human sisterhood and brotherhood because they are motivated by a lasting hope.