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The Network Campaigns

In the frame of its mandate of coordinating ACAT’s network, FIACAT organises or transmits campaigns to the ACAT’s network.

At least four high points a year join together ACAT around a campaign at the international or regional level. These campaigns are a chance for FIACAT and ACAT to join their forces around the same action.

  • The Good Friday campaign is a campaign on the initiative of ACAT Switzerland in partnership with FIACAT and an ACAT from the African continent. This campaign is intended to support the action of an ACAT on the field or to organise a petition on a priority theme of one of African ACATs.
  • The Night Vigil, is organised on the 26th June each year by ACAT France on the occasion of the International Day in Support of Victims of Torture. This campaign is followed by all ACATs who organise activities and prayers. The Night Vigil is an important moment for the ACATs who join forces in a vigil of prayer in support of the victims of torture.
  • The World Day Against the Death Penalty is organised on the 10th October by the World Coalition against the Death Penalty (WCADP) of which FIACAT is a founding member and member of the steering committee. This campaign especially seeks to encourage and reinforce the international dimension of fighting for the abolition to the public opinion and public decision-makers. Furthermore it puts pressure onto the States who retain the capital punishment to abolish it and to call for the permanent end of death penalties and executions in the world.
  • On the occasion of Human Rights Day, 10th December, FIACAT organises a campaign on a theme which several ACATs work on.