Statement by FIACAT and ACAT RCA on the human rights situation in the Central African Republic

Item 10 Interactive dialogue with the Independent Expert on the situation of human rights in the Central African Republic

41st session of the Human Rights Council

Thank you, Mr. President,

Madam the Independent Expert,

FIACAT and ACAT RCA thank you for your oral update and wish to share with you some concerns regarding the human rights situation in the Central African Republic.

FIACAT and ACAT RCA deplore the violations of the freedom of association and peaceful assembly of political parties and civil society organisations banned from meeting and organising public demonstrations contrary to the Constitution. Of particular concern was the attack and arrest by the Central African Office for the Suppression of Banditry (OCRB) of two journalists and a member of the political opposition on 15 June 2019 during the repression of a demonstration banned by the Ministry of the Interior. It is necessary that these facts be the subject of a credible and independent investigation and that the perpetrators of these acts be punished in proportion to the seriousness of the facts.

FIACAT and ACAT RCA are convinced that the peace agreement signed in Bangui on 6 February 2019 represents an important step towards restoring peace and security in the Central African Republic. They welcome the government's efforts to initiate the dismantling of bases and barriers held by armed groups and call on all stakeholders to cooperate fully in this dismantling. 

However, they regret the presence of some rebel group leaders within the Prime Minister’s office and the government in general. Indeed, the presence of these people in the government may be an obstacle to the prosecution of perpetrators of serious human rights violations.

FIACAT and ACAT RCA therefore recommend that the Central African Republic fully and as soon as possible implement the Peace Agreement and all necessary measures to ensure the fight against impunity and full reparation for victims of serious human rights violations. They call on the international community to support this process.

Thank you very much.