HRC55 [The #UnitedAgainstTorture consortium] 

Joint submission for the fourth report of the Special Rapporteur on torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment on "Current challenges and good practices in prison management".

29November 2023

The members of the #UnitedAgainstTorture consortium and the civil society networks represented welcome the possibility to provide this joint submission to inform the UN Special Rapporteur on torture’s upcoming report on “Current issues and good practices in prison management”. The submission provides for a consolidated compilation of contributions from UATC members, drawing upon their diverse expertise and varied areas of work. The contributions included in this written input focus on:

  1. Measures to reduce prison overcrowding;
  2. Laws, policies, special measures and management innovations for vulnerable groups in


  1. The importance of independent oversight and the role of National Preventive Mechanisms (NPMs);
  2. The regulation of the use of pre-trial detention;
  3. The discriminatory effects of imprisonment on the poor and marginalised sections of the population;
  4. The situation of persons sentenced to death;
  5. The right to consular assistance as best practice in preventing torture in detention;
  6. Access to information;
  7. Access of civil society organisations to places of deprivation of liberty;
  8. Communication of persons deprived of liberty with the outside world;
  9. Future public health crises;
  10. The use of less lethal weapons in juvenile justice settings;
  11. The regulation of the use of force in places of detention; and
  12. The retention of and access to CCTV and other audiovisual materials.