Project dates : 15/11/2018 - 15/12/2020

Target prisons :  Abéché, Moundou, N'Djamena


Prison statistics in January 2020 :

As of 14 December 2020, a total of 2,957 inmates have been counted in the target prisons. Those awaiting trial (accused and untried prisoners) number 2,050 and represent 69.33% of the prison population.

Details of prisons :

Abeche :

  • As at 31/04/2019: the prison had an occupancy rate of 300% and prisoners awaiting trial represented 44% of the prison population.

Moundou :

  • As at 31/04/2019: the prison had an occupancy rate of 147% and prisoners awaiting trial represented 52% of the prison population.


N'Djaména :

  • As of 31/04/2019: the prison had an occupancy rate of 598% and prisoners awaiting trial represented 68% of the prison population.


Results in December 2020 : 

  • ACAT identified 944 cases of unjustified detention and 918 cases were transmitted to the referring lawyers;
  • 141 representatives of prison staff, judicial staff and civil society have benefited from continuous training related to the administration of justice, conditions of detention and respect for judicial guarantees;
  • 14 working sessions were organised by the ACA Chad with its national authorities;
  • Publication of the Guide on judicial guarantees for detainees (2,500 versions in French and 500 versions in Arabic);
  • 39 visits to target prisons were organised;
  • In addition to this monitoring of cases, during and as a result of the pandemic, ACAT Chad has carried out advocacy activities with the national authorities in order to reduce prison overcrowding : as of 14 December 2020, 1,495 detainees have benefited from a court decision (72 women and 70 minors).


This project was carried out with the financial support of the Ministry of Economy and Development Planning, National Authorising Officer of the European Development Funds (EDF), and within the framework of the 11th EDF Justice Support Project - Phase 2 (PRAJUST II). The supervisory ministry for PRAJUST II is the Ministry of Justice in charge of human rights. 

The project has also received funding from the CCFD.